Multi Tennant Basics 1 - Hardware (Balanced System)

Hi, I am new here. I have worked with Freepbx allot but now I am trying to condense 50 Freepbx Systems onto one Multi Tennant Vital PBX. Each tenant on average has 10-20 Phones.

My Hardware is HP DL380G8.
I am running 2 X 2680’s (16 threads per processor) and 64 GB RAM, I was advised to use 2 GB Ram Per Thread. Any counter thoughts?

I have access to a few different drive options (300GB 10K, 300GB 15K or MX500 500GB SSD’s). I wondering if people think I should use the SSD’s or if that is really overkill?

Any thoughts on how much space I should have on this system? What does a full install look like size wise? Any experienced user have a recommendation on size requirements?

Thanks for all your insight,

It will all depend on the usage you give to your PBX. How many concurrent calls you expect, how many are recordings, are you compressing with a codec like G729. This will all influence the performance of your server. You can read this blog article about this, What is the Concurrent Call Capacity of VitalPBX or Asterisk PBX? | VitalPBX - Advanced PBX System.

The recommended maximum number of tenants/extensions is 100 tenants or 5,000 extensions. Whichever comes first. This with a top machine of 16 cores, 32GB of RAM, and at least 4TB of storage.

For storage, SSDs will give you better response speed as they will read/write faster to the DB. In terms of applying changes and configurations. The amount of space will depend on how many extensions are recording, and how much voicemail space you are giving the tenants. As well as for how long you wish to store the data on the server. I would go with at least 4TB if you have the 500-1000 extensions you mention. This would give you at least 3 to 4 months of call storage if they have a regular calling rate. If they have a larger volume of calls, then I would double it just in case. Once again, there is no exact formula as this will always vary depending on system usage.



Thanks Joseph, this gives me lots to work with.

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