Moving from one server to another, best practices.

I want to move a commercial license instant from 1 physical server to another. I was cautioned by a friend who also uses VitalPBX that I can’t just install and recover from a backup, Can someone confirm this, or can someone give me proven step by step process to achieve this goal?

Backup and restore should be possible. If file is too large upload (scp) it and use restore command. See FAQ here in the forums.

License: you should revoke the license on old server then. Push of a button.


Followed that and had a few bumps but now Vital is asking me to register and when I try to do so it hangs and sits there, never completes the task. I got an email claiming it was registered but it still pops up regularly.

Make sure the server has an internet connection!

is the old server off?

I just moved a couple of servers, pretty much without an issue. Some small little bits but nothing major