MOH keeps restarting

Dear all,

Everytime we place a person on hold, unhold ,and then back on hold, the MOH restarts.
Same goes for queues etc.

Have to solve that?
Any good suggestions?

What behavior are you expecting?

basically that it will pickup from Last position.
Anything else, than restarting

i don’t think this is really true. I just called and put the call on hold and resume multiple times. It was NOT starting from the beginning. Sure if you go from one Queue to another it will start from the beginning. Or for example when you answer a call in a Queue and then put the user on hold it might start over. If you then transfer it might start over again if connected to another agent.

You can use streaming as a MOH. It’s an extended feature. This might help you?

Like most of the time you give really less input or evidence (or how to reproduce exactly) and i don’t understand why.

Thank you your message, no

I am a “user” - not a tech tech - if you expect a long techinal description of an error, I am sorry to disappoint
I hope a forum is not only reservered for people, who is deeply technical.

I describe the sitaution, as I experience it.
And doing to search, on google, it turns out it, it was reported as a Asterisk bug in 2014.

However, after removing the music - AND - restart the wholesale server, and add the music again, the feature now works as expected.

Hi Mads,

No, we are not looking for long technical explanations. Guessing is always hard and pointless… When you provide logs or the most possible info, then there’s something we can grab onto…

Yeah, that version of Asterisk is dead for several years already, so it is not the same issue.

I get that, but then we are back at “techky tech” -
I gave the information, i could give - I had no more information to supply

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