Mobile / Cell not working reliably


We are testing out VitlPBX after coming from another “Free” PBX system - but having some issues.

Using the VitalPBX Connect app on Android mobiles, it appears the push notifications are simply not working. None of our devices ring reliably unless the app happens to be open and the phone isn’t asleep. Any ideas what we can try as this feature is critical for our business (and why we are switching in the first place)



What Phone Brand and Version are you testing?

Android phones - mixture of Samsung and Oppo. Version 1.5 build 2062556 of VitalPBX Connect

VitalPBX says no updates are available. Connect version is 4.0.0-9

Is the USA traffic whitelisted/unblocked on your firewall?

For Android devices, set the Battery Settings to “Optimized.”

After closing the app, check the “PJSIP Endpoints” report on VitalPBX for push registration.

So, we have a direct connection to the internet - no firewalls in play other than the built in one in VitalPBX. I have whitelisted the addresses from here: VitalPBX Connect Provisioning/Push Server List

When the app is closed, we only see the one registration - which appears to be the push servers. With the app open, we see both.

You can do the test below.

  1. Close the app
  2. Open the SNGREP tool sngpre -c -r
  3. Place the call and see what is the SIP RESPONSE when the system try to hit the Mobile device

OK, thank you. Seems to have resolved itself today and all lines ring :slight_smile:

Next issue - I had it set up so that each user had a master extension and some sub extensions for their devices with a follow me… but this simply doesnt work.

For example
Ext 103: User “Chris”
Ext 1031: Chris Desk Phone
Ext 1032: Chris Mobile
Ext 1033: Chris Laptop

103 is added to “Ring Group - Sales” and has follow me set to 1031, 1032, 1033 with ring all strategy. Initial ring time set to not ring, ring time set to 30.

When the call comes in, it goes straight to the Last Destination voicemail instead of ringing Chris’s devices.

You need to make sure diversions are allowed in your ring group configuration, otherwise followme will not work as its considered a diversion.

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