Minor Update: VitXi 1.1.1-3

This new version includes issues fixes for deleting and updating users.

Also, in this new version we included to the user menu a “troubleshooting” option in which you will be able to reset the app data.

This option is useful when an unexpected error occurs that breaks the normal flow of the app.

VitXi Changes Log


Hi sir,

from menu admin addon, clear then check update not found this version. I also try yum update vitxi not found update, can you recheck?

Could you please check which version you have installed?

Hi Sir,
Version → 3.2.2-1 , asterisk : 18.10.0-1, current version vitxi : 1.1.1-2

Same here.

|Distro|CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core)

VitXi 1.1.1-2

same problem here… no update avalaible


VitXi version 1.1.1-3 is now available, please try to update again.


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