Migrating 3 ==> 4

Newbie here but a 20+ year veteran of asterisk … migrating from incrediblePBX (Ward Mundy’s distro) to VitalPBX as I want something that my staff can learn as I hope to migrate offline on sabbatical for ~ 12 months beginning this Summer.

I have V3 running but not yet in production, so I’m super happy to see that V4 is ready for production now. A few questions:

a) Documentation on the website is still ~ 2+ year old PDFs that are for V3. Are there V4 manuals somewhere? Implementation of several things (mobile apps & VitXi in particular) is nontrivial and not at all self-explanatory. I’ve still not get gotten mobile client to work smoothly - perhaps V4 will be better!

b) My V3 is on Digital Ocean and I see that there is not yet a V4 instance in the Digital Ocean marketplace. Its absence - could you please post a VMDX or other compatible image that we can use to kick off a droplet? This would save some work for those of us hosting our instances @ Digital Ocean (and elsewhere).


Hi, in a webinar they mentioned the manual will be updated for Vitalpbx 4 at some time.

I agree that it’s not all so clear documented.

For Mobile: there is now VitalPbx Connect. Check it out.

For Digital Ocean or wherever, it’s not hard at all to install at vps. No droplet needed.

Just Debian 11 and 3 commands.

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When you say mobile client, are you referring to the soft phone? As far as I can tell, that softphone is no longer on VitalPBX 4. Looks like it has been replaced with VitalPBX Connect. That one includes licenses for 2 soft phones and after that, you purchase them in bundles.

Vitxi hasn’t changed much from V3 to V4. One of the notable differences is the ability to integrate Vitxi with certain model headsets so that you can answer the call by pressing the button on the headset and so forth…

High Availability looks like it’s not on V4 or at least not at the moment.

2FA is a good add on available on V4

If you have any issues restoring V4 from the web portal, you should try it from the command line. Seems I got a couple errors from the web portal but, I believe the restore still completed.


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And the clarify on the softphone, I still see it on my Apple store as “VPX Mobile” though, the QR code is no longer showing on V4. So, you might have to type the settings in manually if it lets you or use VitalPBX Connect.

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