Migrate from F r e e P B X to VitalPBX


Anyone help me to migrate from F r e e PBX to VitalPBX. There is lot of configuration on F r e e PBX and it is hard to do manually everything on VitalPBX.

Please help me.

The only thing to make it easier is in the extensions area.

You can import extensions: Import Extensions - VitalPBX Wiki

Or you can bulk create: Bulk Extensions - VitalPBX Wiki

Must have some script to take backup from Fr e e p b x and migrate easily to VitalPBX.

At the time of writing this, there isn’t one.

No, there are many versions of Fr e ePBX and that would be very complex. Fr e ePBX doesn’t even have upgrade tools from older versions to go modern of their own, let alone move to a different software.

Free PBX have tools for upgrading to new versions. I have done this on many PBX servers. VitalPBX may need such a tool/script for migration from well-known Asterisk-based PBXs. This will make it easy for others to migrate to VitalPBX. Those peoples are not thinking to migrate to VitalPBX due to manual processes.

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