migrate a VitalPBX server to a different multi-tenant system

I want to migrate a VitalPBX stand-alone Instance to a different multi-tenant server. Has anyone done something similar?
Need help…

Unfortunately not possible at the time. There has been many requests to allow backing up individual tenants and restoring on different standalone or Multitenant system and vice versa.

See Wish List

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If so, I have a VitalPBX Phone system set up for a customer on the main, and I’m considering installing multi-tenant on the same system to have other clients as tenants. However, I’m not sure if using the main system is recommended or if there are any issues to consider when using the main tenant with multi-tenant for other clients.

We have customers on an regular v4 instance with a Multi-tenant add-on license (no plans).

Let say we have a tenant that would like to upgrade to a more “connected” version of VitalPBX that includes SMS, VitalPBX Connect and other features included on the “VitalPBX One” Plan

We are considering the creation of a new PBX with the VitalPBX One Plan for our customers who are looking for more options.

My question:
So, if I understand correctly, there is no way to migrate one tenant from a regular Multi-Tenant system to another instance which would have the VitalPBX One Plan/license?

If so, what would be the best way to proceed in this scenario?

Thank you

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