Memory saturation

Hello to you. I have a VitalPbx in version 3.2.4-3 installed on a 16 GB msata.

It works fine , except : /dev/mapper/centos-root is at 98%.


I think all the traces are kept in memory. How to erase them.

Thank you

Install ncdu
You will see what uses the most space.
You can delete with it, too.

Thank you for the answer . I’ll try, but how do I recognize an important file from another that can be deleted?

Just share a screenshot of the largest files (ncdu).
Somebody might be able to help here.

thanks for the advice

hello I got this

Small error I was already in a subfolder


16GB is not much. You can always run into space problems again.

Can you live without CEL Events being logged? You can turn them off.

Don’t know if it gets emptied after turn off.

These 2 files do not make this size in one day. I think we should be able to reduce their size with a command to purge them of the oldest messages

Yes there is a maintainance addon for vitalpbx. CDR should get smaller.
I don’t know about CEL Events. Let us know!