Manual Operator to transfer call - Receptionist features

Does VitalPBX Supports, manual operator to receive calls and then transfer it to employees over their mobile numbers or extentions. Operator should have a portal for these call transfers. Speed dials can be assigned to all employees on portal from where these call transfers can be managed

You can configure call forwarding from PBX> Extensions> Extension Status pressing the
image button that is located at the end of each line.

You can also use the Sonata Switchboard if you would like for the operator to use a visual element to transfer the calls. They will get the call, and then using the “my extension” widget transfer to the mobile phones directly, or a list of speed dials they have access to.

This can also be addressed through a physical phone or VitalPBX Communicator directly, if you don’t have that many users they will transfer to. So, you can create BLF keys that have the speed dial numbers, and have the operator perform a regular transfer and have the call transferred to the user’s mobile phone number.

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