Load balancing outbound call

.Hi Team Vital PBX,

I have 2 trunk providers (TrunkA & Trunk B). How to make a round robin?

Call 1 → Trunk A,
Call2 → Trunk B,
Call 3 → Trunk A,
Call 4 → Trunk B

Do you have idea?



No, this is not possible on VitalPBX.

You could do it real basic with your dialplan…

something like:

[0-4]X. → Sends to trunk A
[5-9]X. → Sends to trunk B

So, basically any call starting with 0 through 4 goes to Trunk A and any starting with 5 through 9 goes to trunk B.

You can get more specific if your calls use specific dial patterns.

It’s basic, but also super easy to implement.

Hi @chris

But is it possible to make 50%:50% trunk A dan B? May be with custom dialplan:)


You can do that with Kamailio’s Dispatcher module

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