List Users - exception

When listing Users on VitalPBX 4.0.0 R5 this happens:


Try to figure out how to solve your update issue, otherwise you will fill the forum with false issues.


This here is a different clean install.
Maybe because i tried 2FA?

You can replicate it like this:
create a new user please.
Then try to list Users.


I see, that only happens if you left the full name empty!

Good we found it. Full name never was a requirement.

How can I flush out that user without full name, when I use the drop down I see nothing in the list and error message, if i try to recreate it says user name is in use.

Or you use the mysql commands but this i more handy for other stuff.

Thanks, worked perfectly.

This got fixed in VitalPBX 4.0.0 R6

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