Limit to 12 extensions for unlicensed systems.

I see that the new Debain Vitalpbx has a limitation of 12 extensions, can you please verify what is a licensed system, can we just buy individual addons or do we need to buy a monthly plan ?

You can unlock the extensions limit activating any add-on or subscription.

Looks like we are slowly moving to a commercial only system
Provisioning module also only supports a small number of extensions

We are not charging per extension, it’s just a limitation for systems that doesn’t have any kind of license.

Activating an add-on or a subscription will remove this limitation.

Asking for the user to buy only 1 addon is Very reasonable for a pbx of this caliber.

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Will Sonata Switchboard disable the limit?


EVERY Addon License will disable the limit! So Sonata Switchboard will as well.

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