Licensing server is missing - VitXi in 4.0

Just started setting up the VitXi,

My VitalPBX 4.0.3-5 is running on a VPS

I followed the video for the 3.0 setup

and went all the way through 11:35.

Now I am stuck at "Installing VitXi licensing server:

There is no VitxI licensing server or manager in Add-ons
Even when I hit Check Online

Am I moving the right way or did I miss something?

another step that is missing in my 4.0 is disabling websocket


In VitalPBX 4, You no longer need the VitXi Licensing Server Addon, you only need to install VitXi!

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You can skip the SIP module step, as in VitalPBX version 4, the SIP module has been removed/deprecated

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