Licence Revocation

Hello team

I try to revoke the Licence from Server 1 to activate on Server 2, but it failes.

Note that this will be the Fourth time i do this as i was migrating from V3 to V4 and was going back to V3.

Now i want to go back to V3 then the revocation isnt possible

Please help

Open a Ticket or write to
Give all the information needed.

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Maybe this can be increased to 5 times in the future?

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hello dear @mo10

i was thinking we was even able to this as many times as we can, we was no aware of the limitation!

Now i dont know what to do as we need to migrate back to V3 but our mail to support didnt get response yet and we are in production, this is hard.

ITExpo might be the reason but i agree: should reply back fast in this case.

Would be okay if trail versions can be done easy in worst case. But that is not the case.

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