Large Increase in Fail2Ban Attempts

Has anyone else experienced a large increase in Fail2Ban attempts from a large number of IP addresses. This started for us yesterday afternoon (CST).

Yes, if you follow API Ban, they posted that there is an extraordinary attack going on. Over 500 addresses were added in the last 6 hours.


where and how can you follow API Ban? I need to follow their update? could you please share their channel url to follow?

I would also be interested in how to get updates from API Ban, neither their website or google shows any news or social media presence.

Go to the API Ban Website and then Join the APIBAN Matrix room.

Here’s the information after joining the room.


Sometimes I doubt if APIBAN is helping or these attackers monitoring the system using APIBAN API.
whatever the case the attacks have increased @TCE

Set it up and then monitor the traffic using sngrep, you’ll be surprised how much percent of the traffic is getting dropped thanks to API Ban.

What? Can you elaborate how these attackers would use it?

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