Keyboard doens't work in IVR's


I’m trying to select options from IVR’s via VitXi (WebRTC or VitXi Client) and I can’t.

I had try many kind of IVR’s from many external numbers and no one options works when is selected after I had pressed the number’s.



I check the log’s and no options is received after pressed:



The DMTF Mode are rfc4733:


If I try via vitalpbx communicator it works


After I press one number in vitalpbx communicator, we see the option on sngrep



Did you try with a different DTMF option?

Yes I tried with “auto” and the issue is the same.


It only works if we press on the middle keyboard.


Could you please allow the same behavior to the other keyboard?

This keyboard that has work with IVR’s is hidden and all the employes of the company had report me this difficult because this keyboard is hidden and they don’t fount it.

It is more easier to work with the keyboard on the left side because we see them and is that the employer use to press numbers to make a call.

That’s the current behavior. You have to use that keyboard for DTMF.

It doesn’t make any sense use a different keyboard to choose the option from a IVR when we use one to press the number to make a call.

In no other phone or softphone does this happen. :neutral_face:

Unfortunately, this is how it works!

You just need to get used to it!

I hope that you release a new version with the both keyboard working for IVR’s :pray:

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