Kamailio Integrated on VitalPBX

Hi Guys,

I’m using Kamailio as SIP Proxy on same server of VitalPBX. So, my PBX has domain routing on tenants, SIP protocol layer level security, Anti-Flood protection and expand Asterisk load capacity.

So, Is there plans to integrate Kamailio on VPBX any time soon?

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VitalPBX is a PBX with Asterisk running on the backend, thus making it a B2BUA. While Kamailio works well with Asterisk, Kamailio is not a B2BUA and Kamailio has no “recommended way” to set it up. VS Asterisk is pretty much a SIP and media server and has a standard/recommended way of using.

Every person that uses Kamailio in front of Asterisk has a different network setup and different requirements. For example:

  • Kamailio and PBX behind same NAT
  • Kamailio not behind NAT, PBX is and vice versa
  • Kamailio and PBX behind different NAT
  • Kamailio to handle registration
  • Kamailio to proxy registration to Asterisk
  • Kamailio to proxy RTP or don’t
  • Kamailio to work with multiple Asterisk servers or single one
  • Kamailio to work with multiple tenants or single one
  • Kamailio in statefull or stateless mode
  • Kamailio to handle WebRTC or Asterisk

…and the list goes on.

Hence no one has built an open source GUI on Kamailio that does it all. Even dSIP Router almost never works out of the box.

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I agree, but a generic basic setup on Kamailio to act as a proxy (with or without NAT) would be a big improvement for VPBX on almost all cenariums.

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