IVR Stats - Call Status - What is meaning of 'failed'?

In IVR Stats, I see that most of the rows, in the Call Status column, show ‘FAILED’. What does that mean?

My IVR choices are something like “press 1 for sales and 2 for service” The destinations are:
1 → a queue
2 → a ring group

All of my test calls work as expected. I don’t understand why the reports indicate “FAILED”. What is the meaning of “FAILED” in this context?

Hello @oakie22,

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Can you please post a screenshot where you see failed, as well as the version of VitalPBX you are using?



VitalPBX 3.0.9-5

Failed usually means failed. So like the extension was not connected/unavailable.
If it was ringing then usually it would be a answer or no answer.
Call the IVR and check it. Then look at the IVR-Stats.

To confirm if the call actually failed, look at the asterisk log.

If you need help understanding it, please upload a full call trace to pastebin and post the link here.

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