Issue with Firewall Rules for http and https services

Dear Team,

It seems that firewall rules are not working properly for http & https (web services).

If I block the country USA via Geo Firewall and allow 1 US static/ public IP address, I am not able to access the PBX GUI. To do the same I have to allow that IP under Access control tab but by doing so I will allow all the ports (services) to that IP address. However, I only want to allow web services i.e. http & https.

System :

Kernel 5.10.0-23-arm64
Asterisk 18.16.0
PBX 4.0.3-5
PHP Version 8.1.11

Geo Firewall : USA blocked

Under Firewall Rules : Have allowed 1 US IP address ( both http & https )

Now if the user tries to access the PBX via allowed IP network, he is not able to access the web GUI.

But now if we add the same IP address under Access Control, the user can access the Web GUI. (Removing the IP from Firewall Rules has no effect ).