Issue When loging with hotdesking V4

Urgently …
when users login with hotdesking feature the status of the extension be busy thiere fore no calls enter to the Extension ,

Even if he not in call
VitalPBX Starter 4.0.7-2

Dear team
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Could you please try following the steps mentioned here:


No zombie call in background is running affecting this channel
callcenter*CLI> pjsip show channels

Channel: <ChannelId…> <State…> <Time…>
Exten: <DialedExten…> CLCID: <ConnectedLineCID…>

Channel: PJSIP/507-00000778/AppDial Up 00:01:15
Exten: CLCID: “(1)NEW” <01557809292>

Channel: PJSIP/511-00000779/AppDial Up 00:01:14
Exten: CLCID: “(2)FOLLOW” <01024070193>

Channel: PJSIP/512-00000773/AppDial Up 00:01:59
Exten: CLCID: “(1)NEW” <01206080200>

Channel: PJSIP/513-0000077b/AppDial Up 00:01:03
Exten: CLCID: “(2)FOLLOW” <01280680222>

Channel: PJSIP/HSE_FXO-00000771/Queue Up 00:02:15
Exten: 7601 CLCID: “” <1005>

Channel: PJSIP/HSE_FXO-00000774/Queue Up 00:01:54
Exten: 7602 CLCID: “” <1010>

Channel: PJSIP/HSE_FXO-00000776/Queue Up 00:01:34
Exten: 7601 CLCID: “” <1025>

Channel: PJSIP/HSE_FXO-00000777/Queue Up 00:01:21
Exten: 7602 CLCID: “” <1021>

Channel: PJSIP/HSE_FXO-0000077c/BackGround Up 00:00:05
Exten: s CLCID: “” <>

Channel: PJSIP/VPBX_4-00000775/BackGround Up 00:01:50
Exten: s CLCID: “” <>

Objects found: 10

as shown

Even if when Remove Member from Sonata Switchboard and then Add Member the extention is running normaly
but when login from *90 showing busy and no call to be routed from queues


DND maybe active for the user?

Not in DND based on API Response
“status”: “success”,
“message”: null,
“data”: {
“extension_id”: 21,
“extension”: “1014”,
“name”: “Ahmed Sayed”,
“language”: “en”,
“email”: null,
“class_of_service_id”: 1,
“dial_profile_id”: 1,
“call_limit”: 0,
“internal_cid”: “"Ahmed Sayed" <1014>”,
“external_cid”: null,
“emergency_cid”: null,
“ringtime”: null,
“nospy”: false,
“enabled_pa”: false,
“answermode”: “disable”,
“mailbox”: “1014@vitalpbx-voicemail”,
“accountcode”: null,
“features_password”: “4458”,
“portal_password”: null,
“sendcid”: true,
“generate_hints”: false,
“hot_desking”: true,
“secretary”: null,
“music_group_id”: 1,
“rec_on_demand”: false,
“internal_rec”: false,
“outgoing_rec”: true,
“incoming_rec”: true,
“dictate_enable”: false,
“dictate_format”: “wav”,
“dictate_auto_send”: false,
“fax_enabled”: false,
“fax_auto_send”: false,
“absent_secretary”: false,
“lock”: false,
“call_waiting”: true,
“cid_on_diversions”: “caller”,
“pinless”: false,
“dynamic_routing”: false,
“dynamic_external_cid”: false,
“notify_missed_calls”: null,
“sms_number_id”: null,
“tenant_id”: 1,
“context”: “cos-all”,
“has_analog_devices”: false,
“queues_info”: {
“queues”: [
“queues_name”: [
“queues_penalty”: [
“devices”: [
“device_id”: 11,
“extension_id”: null,
“profile_id”: 1,
“user”: “507”,
“secret”: “P2hbM2Z8I7mpH4L0M7svN2U8”,
“description”: “Desktop 08”,
“emergency_cid_name”: null,
“emergency_cid_number”: null,
“ring_device”: “yes”,
“technology”: “pjsip”,
“assigned_exten”: “1014”,
“tenant_id”: 1,
“device_name”: “507”,
“vitxi_client”: “no”,
“mobile_client”: “no”,
“send_welcome_email”: “no”,
“dispatchable_location_id”: null
“diversions”: {
“BOSS”: “no”,
“PEA”: “no”,
“FWM”: “no”,
“DND”: “no”,
“CC”: “no”,
“CFI”: “no”,
“CFB”: “no”,
“CFN”: “no”,
“CFU”: “no”

In VitalPBX V4 they introduced a new hint QA_{extension}, which is used by the queue to monitor the agent status, and it looks like this hint (along with the Agent{extension} hint introduced 3.1.4-1) is not being reloaded when logging in/out from HD devices.
See screenshots below.

Before logging in to a device

After logging in to a device

After manually reloading the dialplan

Something strange I noticed while testing this is that the QA_{exten} hint always showed as idle, even when it was set to the custom unavailable hint, despite it being set to BUSY in the database, as you can see in the screenshot below, however checking the queue status, it did show the hint being busy, so I changed the queue to use the Agent{exten} hint, and now the Agent hint started showing idle even when it was not.

I guess asterisk messed up the “show hint” command, so it always shows the hint that’s monitored by the queue as Idle,


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Dear Mr. EINM
What is the procedure needed to resolve this issue?

Any updates in issue or workaround to resolve,
Issue is affecting production server

This was fixed in the VitalPBX v4.0.7 R3.


Issue resolved many thanks :blush: