Issue Extension Vitxi Webrtc unreachable

Hi Dev Vitalpbx,

I got a report from an agent using vitxi webrtc. He login to queue at 2022-02-09 08:14:57 - 2022-02-09 11:39:45 but at 2022-02-09 10:12:58 - 2022-02-09 10:16: 11 found 3 abondon calls. Agent complains, why didn’t I receive the call? Does he pause? No, it has been checked in sonata reporting, there is no pause.

After checking in the asterisk pbx log, it was found that the extension was unreachable at 10:08:45 and again Reachable at 10:41:56

The question is : Why is there no notification on vitxi webrtc if the extension is “unreachable” or unregister? The agent doesn’t know what’s going on on the network because the vitxi page doesn’t have any information.

Is there a parameter setting that must be adjusted in VitalPBX or Vitxi?



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We are going to carry out some tests, to show alerts in case the extension is not registered correctly.


Hi @maynor ,

Thanks for your support,

I really hope the vitalpbx team can provide a solution for the above case. Because the issue will often appear when the connection is bad and with a notification it will be very helpful for the agent.


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Hi Sir, @maynor

Is there a solution for the above case? Because until now the ‘agent’ is still experiencing the same thing, so there is an abandon call, their SLA becomes bad.


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I think, that for now, you can lower the reg times

Hi @PitzKey

where is the configuration parameter reg time?


See your first post.

Hi @maynor

This is just a suggestion, if you are using sipjs you might be able to check the parameters below

connectionRecoveryMaxInterval: 10,
connectionRecoveryMinInterval: 2,
logs: {
 builtinEnabled: true,
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Don’t set the default low timers, it will eat resources.
Rather allow to adjust it.

@MASTERING_VOIP Try charging the setting you posted in your first post…

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Hi Sir, we do not use sipjs. More however we can adjust those parameters.

In our internal tests, we have noticed that vitalpbx settings (device profiles) have a higher priority.

In any case, when vitxi detects that the registration has expired (asterisk sends a SIP notification), then vitxi performs the registration again.

As @PitzKey mentions, it is not recommended to set low default values. Since it can affect your server resources.

In the next version of VitXi, we add an alert in case registration fails for any reason.