Is Vitalpbx breaking after every update?

I was just curious if anyone else has had issues where something stops working after every update. It seems almost impossible for any update to not break something else entirely. We’ve paid for service and even paid support. I don’t know if the dev team is stretched thin or what but it also doesn’t help that the support is evasive at best and condescending at worst.

What issues are you having?

For large systems, you should try updating from the Linux console to see the full log. Additionally, all the updates have to be run when the system is in low usage.

The issues change per update, and it is low system usage. Here’s some examples:

Mobile app no longer able to function after updates.
Vitxi interface completely crashing
park lines no longer illuminating
Call times / day night schedules randomly changing timezones (timezone is accurate in web interface)
phones no longer able to register

These are just some of the examples. So I’m more or less just trying to get an idea as to why this is happening and how to prevent these random unrelated issues from cropping up.

Mobile app no longer able to function after updates.

About the mobile app, there’s an issue with the push server. This issue isn’t related to the VitalPBX.

Vitxi interface completely crashing

What type of errors are you having? Did you already report the issue?

Park lines no longer illuminating

If you are configuring the BLF keys in your phone correctly, that shouldn’t fail. Remember to allow the ICMP Requests on your server; these are required for BLF synchronization.

Call times / day night schedules randomly changing timezones

The system cannot change the timezone automatically, that’s something you have to configure.

phones no longer able to register

Your Customers’ Network and your trusted Networks should be whitelisted to avoid the phones getting banned by the firewall.

In the case of PJSIP, you can try disabling the parameter “Allow Transport Reload” in the PJSIP Settings module.

Remember our system depends on Asterisk, so if the Asterisk introduces issues on BLF, Registration, and others, then, there’s nothing we can do about it.

On the other hand, when you have a self-hosted server, you are responsible for configuring the network in a way that nothing blocks the PBX functions.

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