Is there High Availability for vitalpbx V3 & v4 guide exist?

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We have two separate servers, each hosting different customers, with one running VitalPBX v3 and the other running VitalPBX v4. We aim to establish High Availability (HA) for each server independently. Could you kindly provide guidance on the steps required to implement HA for VitalPBX v3 and v4? Our goal is to set up two additional servers with matching VitalPBX versions (v3 & v4), each serving as an HA backup for its corresponding server. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Note: I have for each one a private IP address and a public IP.

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HA for v4 Vitalpbx HA v4
HA for v3 Vitalpbx HA v3
Replica for v4 Vitalpbx Replica v4
Replica for v3 Vitalpbx Replica v3