Intrusion detection won't start start

As soon as I start intrusion detection will stop one second later

It won’t stay working

Hi Yehuda and welcome to the forums!

What version of VitalPBX are you using? How do you start it?

Please see attached

Tracy attached when I hit save it shows that it’s safe

But a few seconds later it turns off by itself

Version 3 is no longer getting a lot of love.

However, you may try to look at service fail2ban status to get a clue

My hosting company does not give me access to the backend is there anyway I can check this out from the GUI?

Who is your hosting company? I have never heard of such a thing…

Then there might be the issue. Fail2ban might not start. Not allowed to start or issues because of Hoster.
Better try a different Hoster. Vultr, Digital ocean or so.

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