Internal Diversions Caller ID


Scenario: Customer wants that after 5 seconds, calls to their extension should ring their cellphone as well, so we setup FollowMe with initial ringtime of 5 seconds, added their extension number and cellphone to the FollowMe list.
The customer then wanted that when they receive the call to their cellphone, it should display the company’s CallerID instead of the caller’s CallerID, so they know that it is a company call. So we went to the advanced settings and set that it should use the Callee’s Caller ID on diversions:


This works great on their cellphone.

The problem is, that when they are sitting at their desk, their deskphone is also showing the Callee’s CallerID after the initial 5 seconds, which is super annoying.

Can you please change so there is an option to toggle the CallerID on Diversions for Internal VS External calls. Similar to the below FollowMe setting: