Intercom Code Change Issue

So I had set several intercom numbers for our extensions, all following the pattern * + Number, today I change the code for one of the extensions, 303 as we didn’t want the intercom to be triggered like that for that extension anymore as we where going to set a custom destination as *0303 instead.

The change is properly done in the web gui and applied, db values can show intercom set to 03303 now.

When trying to set the Custom Application as *0303, they system is saying the code cant be used as it is being used by the Paging and Intercom Module.


So for some reason, the check is being done with the previous value, not the current one so we cant create the new custom application with the previously used code.

Server Version: 4.0.3-4

Not sure if the latest version 4.0.3-5 already fixes this, as i didn’t see anything related to this in the change log, but I will be updating during the weekend to check.

Thanks for reporting it. We will check it!