Inquiry and Challenges with PSIP Discovery, Device Disconnection Alerts, and BLF State History in VitalPBX with Zabbix

Hello VitalPBX Community,

I hope this post finds you all in good health. I’ve been actively using VitalPBX for my clients and have found the documentation provided by @Sébastien_Le_Moal, especially the Zabbix Template, immensely helpful in efficiently supervising my VitalPBX IPBX instances.

Zabbix Template by @Sébastien_Le_Moal

However, I’m facing a couple of challenges that I hope the community can assist me with:

PSIP Discovery:
I’m looking for a way to discover each PSIP to effectively supervise them. Some PSIPs should never be disconnected, and I need to set up alerts in case a PSIP is disconnected without any attached devices. Any insights or advice on how to achieve this in Zabbix would be greatly appreciated. (modification du template de @Sébastien_Le_Moal)

BLF State History:
My main goal is to historize the state of certain BLF (Busy Lamp Field) statuses, especially those associated with “Day/Night” modes. I want to monitor their usage on a weekly basis. If anyone has experience or suggestions on how to implement this using Zabbix, I’d be eager to learn from your expertise.

Using Zabbix has been instrumental in consolidating network, internet, and telecom issues on a single interface for my clients. This integrated approach provides a comprehensive overview and enhances the troubleshooting process.

I’d like to express my gratitude in advance to anyone who can provide guidance or share their experiences with these challenges. Your insights will undoubtedly contribute to the improvement of our VitalPBX monitoring setups.

Best regards,

Hi, there are many shell scripts for zabbix out there running asterisk command and show results accordingly. You can try modifying those.


Do you have an example script to share with me on the integration of BLF hints?

I don’t have a credible solution for this time

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