Initial voicemail setup not working

On an existing used voicemail, when setting the voicemail password to the extension number, it skips the initial voicemail setup and prompts to change the password only, it doesn’t go through the whole initial setup for the new user. I do have Force Name and Force Greetings set to YES under Voicemail Settings.

Is anyone else having this issue?

What is your password?
If it’s too easy you need to change it.

It has nothing to do with a secure password. You set your password the same as the extension number to have it prompt a new user for the initial voicemail setup which it is not doing.

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Check if the following is in the voicemail config file


Deleting the previous audios from the voicemail extension should force the system to ask the Greetings again. I suppose that due to the audio files already existing, the system doesn’t ask for that information.

In any case, this is how Asterisk works!

How do I delete the audios from the existing voicemail? I deleted the messages but I don’t know how to delete the other audios.

After deleting the messages, it still doesn’t prompt to set up the name or greetings, it only asks for the password. It seems to only go through the initial setup for a newly created extension.

The manual states:
Force Name, forces a new user to record their name. A new user is determined by the
password being the same as the mailbox number.
Force Greetings, this is the same as “Force Name”, except for recording.

What the manual states seems to only be true for a newly created extension’s voicemail not an existing voicemail.

You need to access the voicemail box using the command line and delete those audios using the rm command.

I just deleted the voicemail box extension from the vitalpbx-voicemail directory and it removed the name, greetings, and messages. It is now prompting for the name and greetings initial setup properly. Unfortunately this is a very inconvenient for the customer to do this from the CLI for new users using an existing extension.

The VitalPBX needs to have an option in the GUI to set an existing voicemail back as ‘new’ which would delete the voicemail box and would also delete the messages and .wav files for that voicemail box.