increasing the capacity of the carrier plus licence

What are the conditions for the increase of the capacity of the Carrier Plus licence to more than: 100 tenants, 5 MSTeams users, 250 VitXi webRTC users, 2 VitalPBX Connect users?


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With the Carrier Plus license, you have the capacity for over 100 tenants and more than 250 VitXi WebRTC users. However, please note that we cannot guarantee support for instances exceeding these specifications.

For MSTeams users and VitalPBX Connect, we offer individual licenses and plans:

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In fact, it is because VitalPBX cannot guarantee support for a server exceeding these limits that I raise the question. In your documentation, it is stated that β€œIf You Require More Than 250 VitXi Users We Recommend A Separate Server.” : Shall I understand that we can add additionnal servers at the same pricing of $250/month?

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Yes, you can install VitXi on another VitalPBX installation. Afterward, in the PBX settings module of VitXi, you can configure the connection to the VitalPBX where you have the Carrier Plus license activated.

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