incoming calls dropping

I have an existing registering trunk configured(working) and want to add an IP authenticating trunk.

When successfully configuring the trunk however, my incoming calls reach the intended destination and drop immediately, what am i missing?

outgoing calls work fine.

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Is your trunk SIP or PJSIP?

Hi Miguel,

My Trunk is a SIP trunk.

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Are you aware that SIP devices/trunks run over port 5062 by default? Did you change this port or switch the ports between SIP and PJSIP?

yes i’m aware of the port the trunks run on. so besides entering the IP address of the Trunk provided by the ISP there’s no in depth changes that i’ve made on the Trunk. as i say the calls hit my phone and thereafter drop. maybe if i provide a screenshot from the CLI when making a call to an extension it’ll better help?

Are you pointing towards port 5062 on your provider configurations?

Personally, I believe that the IP auth works better on PJSIP, you just need to fill the match field with the IP Addresses or domain of your VoIP provider.

i’ll confirm with my ISP and revert back should this not be the case.

I appreciate your input though, thank you.

Kind regards

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I strongly recommend you to use PJSIP. IP to IP auth with PJSIP is really straightforward.

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