Incoming Call routing based on a done outgoing Call in the past

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I have a question, i didnt know well how to develop it that i tried to design some graphic :slight_smile: .

In Company X, they are using VitalPBX to make and receive calls. They have a team of delivers who are using VitalPBX Connect App when they go to delivery as they will want to call clients to inform them they are for exemple in front of theyre doors.

So Suppose, (based on Sceenshot), Elya calls a client, he calls the phone number +243819287888 and deliver the meal, sometime ago, this client wants to call him back to tell the deliver that just called him to inform him that he forgot something.

When Elya called this client, the number that appeared as Outboud CLI (DID) is +24390010000, so client will use the same to try to call and join Elya. BUT the configuration on VitalPBX for incoming calls on this DID needs call to be routed on an IVR or directly to a queue. The issue here is that, in this case, this client will not join Elya directly, he will face an IVR first or a Queue.

So Question: How can we do if we want the system to check the last extension that was in contact with this client’s number so that the incoming call can be redirected directly to this extension (of Elya) instead of going to the IVR or the Queue?

I hope was a bit clear, please share some ideas.

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You can use the Dynamic Routing option that is included in VitalPBX for that scenario.


This feature is not working ?
I activated the Dynamic Routing from extention settings and tried to test and the called cid not storing in dynamic routing list
any Advice ?

Did you select the Dynamic Routing option in the ADVANCED Tab extension?
It also removes the “Only Keep Missed Calls” option in the Dynamic Routing module.

Thanks dear for your feedback

After reading the video, i’m sure this is the solution.
After activating Dynamic Routing on an extension and did an outbound call, i can see that the last call is listed in Dynamic Routing List BUT when the phone that received call called back to the same DID number, it listens to the IVR message instead of directly connects to the extension that called him.

On the Screenshot bellow, we can see that extension made outgoing call, the handset took the call, but here it shows "Call Completed: No).

Then when the receiver calls back the DID number, call is not redirected directly to the extension that originated call, it’s going to the IVR as seen on bellow ScreenShot

Please help

Hello dear all

It worked for me; The issue was the format of the Calee number.
In Outgoing call the number doesnt have + prefixed but in incoming call it was coming with +, i think due to this, system was considering they are 2 different numbers

Thanks for your support

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