Inbound SMS Not Working

I’m using Votelesys for SMS. I can send outbound SMS from VitalPBX just fine. It seems something is going wrong with inbound SMS. On Votelesys’ side, they are seeing the SMS messages as being delivered successfully to the PBX.

I have my user set up and licensed for SMS. On the extension advanced tab, I have the proper SMS number selected. In the message logs, I only see the outbound messages and not the inbound messages.

I’m at a loss on what to check or what could be wrong. Suggestions?

Go to the link below and use the unique URL as the Webhook URL on VoxTelesys.

Then share here what VoXTelesys is sending in the incoming messages. You will see on the app above the VoXTelesys Webhook like in the image below.

Hide any sensible data if needed.

I also tested Telnyx and that works inbound and outbound as expected.

Done. Raw content:

  "type": "mo",
  "id": "654c0e26ba44b20001ad5102",
  "to": "+1XXXXXXXXXX",
  "from": "+1XXXXXXXXXX",
  "body": "Test Reply Inbound",
  "received_at": "2023-11-08T22:39:33.000Z"

Could you share a screenshot?

Update the SMS add-on to the latest available version.

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