Inbound route modifier

Hi there!

Simple question this time…
Is there a way to set an announcement on an inbound route, like for certain DID print as part of the CallerID something like Sales or VIP so that when the agent picks up the phone on that call does see in the phone screen that the phone call is about Sales or VIP. For this one thing, I cannot do queues but instead the actual inbound route.

Is that possible?


Route those specific DID’s to a ring group. In the ring group, add text in the highlighted field below which will prepend your text to the caller-id. Then set the destination of the ring group to the required destination.


Thanks, I first found this, but unfortunately it would only do a numeric value in case of Caller ID, I am taking about the called number.

This works like a charm.
Thanks a lot, would have never guessed.

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