Import Inbound routes

Hello world! :slight_smile:

Is there a wat to import inbound routes via csv? I have over 200 Numbers to load


No, there’s no way to import inbound routes.

My advice, try using patterns for those numbers with the same destinations.

In the end you might be better off not doing the following. This might take you longer then just doing the over 200 numbers by hand.

At your OWN risk (do snapshot and/or backup first) you could use phpmyadmin (for example) and use the table “ombu_inbound_routes”.
Username and password: vitalpbx

You could run sql-code there.

Make sure have you the right "destination_id"s first.
You should create example inbound routes in the Vitalpbx Gui first which you could export as sql code for reference in Phpmyadmin then.

When done run command as root (ssh):

vitalpbx --fully-dump-conf

Ahh!! Love the workaround! I’ll try it! Thanks!

Did you try it yet? Result?

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