Ignore Forward Requests


When a user sets a call forward on the actual endpoint, there is no way to remotely disable it from the PBX, unless if the device suppports a SIP NOTIFY to disable it.

This can cause headaches if a user sets a call forward and leaves for the weekend…

To avoid that. Asterisk has the i option when the standard Dial() application is used.

  • i - Asterisk will ignore any forwarding requests it may receive on this dial attempt.

Source: [1]

We did not test it yet, but I assume that this can be added under the Dial Profiles and it will work just fine.

However, with Queues, since it does not use the Dial() application, whatever we set in the Dial Profile won’t make a difference.

Luckily, the Queue() application also has this i option.

  • i - Ignore call forward requests from queue members and do nothing when they are requested.

Source: [2]

However, I don’t see anywhere this can be added in the GUI.

Is there a possibility to add this under the advanced queue option for each queue “Ignore Device Forward Requests (Yes/No)”

Finally, is there a way we can modify the current dialplan to support this without getting overweritten every time we reload?

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