Ideal way to provision cloud hosted vitalpbx system?

What is the current most up to date method we should use when trying to provision new phones (and continue to keep them updated) to systems where vital is hosted in the cloud?

I tried setting DHCP 66 to the local LAN the phones were on with “$mac.cfg” and even without $mac.cfg, and the phones don’t appear to act as if this is even working at all and don’t grab the templates at all.

Is there another way via stun or something else that is better?

I’m using the newest beta v4 in my setup and Fanvil x6u phones.



It appears dhcp option 66 issue is due to a recent update MS put out for MS DHCP servers. Still trying to figure out the fix for that. Meanwhile putting the workload onto my router gets 66 working fine. However I am still curious about how STUN works and what other methods work best for accomplishing this goal, especially where we might not have access to the router.

Thank you!

Use the URL showed in the provisioning module

I think he is looking to put the Provisioning URL into the Option66 …
I was wondering if there is a way for VitalPBX to interop with RPS for brands like Yealink and Fanvil where they have their own RPS that the devices check to on first boot anyway?

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That’s what I gave him!

mperrin, you are 100% correct.

miguel, I already have dhcp option 66 working fine. I’m referring to situations where a phone is on a network where I cannot get access to the firewall to program the dhcp to give out option 66. mperrin is talking about the RPS system fanvil and yealink provides. I’m going to look into that as an option today. I’m also wondering if there’s another option via STUN similar to 3cx where if I choose to provision via STUN, all I have to do is boot up the phone, put in the user/pass and it provisions. (Although I’d prefer to skip the user/pass step too), however I believe 3cx achieves this by having their own modified firmware, so that might be a bad option as you guys would have to carry that weight to make that possible, like they do.

If anyone has already achieved getting this to work via RPS, I’d love to know how. I have access to our fanvil RPS system but I haven’t logged into it in probably a year so I barely know how to use it and what all it can even do. :slight_smile:

You literally configure the Provisioning url and other options from your vital pbx system provisioning module within the server configuration of your client inside the Fanvil FDPS portal and/or the Yealink YMCS portal.

Yep I did find that for the fanvil side of things. Pretty sweet actually. :slight_smile: Yealinks I think they charge for those features and have to turn on those features in my account. Waiting to hear back from support on that. Luckily we’ve cycled most of our yealinks out and only stock fanvils these days.

I wonder if the guys at Vital would be willing to make a plugin to interface with the fanvil api to make this process pretty seemless?

Would be nice if you could share where you found it. Screenshot? Thanks

I second this … Always nice to follow up with info for people searching these topics later …
Nothing more frustrating than coming across a post with your exact situation to have the OP come back and say “found it” or “got it sorted”. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, figured I was preaching to the choir being I’m the new guy here :slight_smile:

Specifically here is what I did. I have access to So I logged into my account there. From there I added my site for the set of phones, then added my phone via mac under devices. Next I went to config → common config and added a config called “Test Lab” and set it for the proper site. Inside that config I used the GUI method, not the text editor, and clicked on “Auto Provision” and set the following:

Server address (checked):
Protocol type (checked): http
Update Interval (checked): 1
Update Mode (checked): Update after reboot.

I’m pretty sure the interval is moot since it updates on reboot. If not, then cool, as I wish all voip phones would update in real time when changes were made. It’s not like they don’t already have a constant connection to the pbx after all. :slight_smile:

After I created this common config, I ran the task to reboot the phone (these were freshly factory reset) and it grabbed the config from the PBX and all settings worked. Note that you can also do factory resets as well as reboots through this system.

Now I know Fanvil has a RPS service as well and I’ve requested access to that as well as they informed me that is supposed to be the ideal way to achieve this goal. However I have no experience on that UI so no idea if it’s better or worse.


Awesome… thanks for the follow up… I’m new to FDMS so it is good to know the procedure :slight_smile:

Would be super awesome if they tied vital into the API structure of fanvil and yealink’s systems to make this really seamless and awesome. Maybe one day. Maybe. :slight_smile:

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