I have setup IVR, entries should send to different Ring Groups. No entries working

I have setup IVR, and under Inbound Routes I have set up calls to go in the IVR.

Calls are redirected properly to IVR. Hearing the welcome message, but when I press numbers, it doesnt route anywhere.

I have set up 3 entries, 1,2 and 3.

1 - should redirect the calls to a Ring Group
2 and 3 to different Extensions

Any help would be appriciated.

DTMF issue?
Try internal call.

Post screenshots of how you configured the IVR and the options.


Below are screenshots:

Even ringing from internal extensions, it doesnt work.


No issues seen in your screenshots, get in to your server console and grab some logs while you are testing a call that reaches the IVR. As @mo10 mentioned, if you are reaching the IVR but your button presses are not doing anything, it seems like you have DTMF issues. Your server is simply not getting the keys sent so IVR has not way to send to your options.

Check codecs as well and force u-law and a-law.
Also set DTMF to Auto or try RFC and inband.
Check with sngrep and asterisk -r -vvvvvvvv

I’ve changed DTMF to Auto, now it is working fine.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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