I can manage more identity profiles in one vitalpbx appliance?

Could be possible to manage for example two identity each one with dedicated sip trunk and redirect incoming call based on the input phone sip number and also have 2 IVR at the same time?

Thank you.

Hello @opeaspace and welcome to the forums.

I’m not quite sure I understand your question.

You should be able to create multiple Trunks (but not to the same IP using the same source port) as well as multiple IVRs.
You can use Class of Service to isolate the reach between extensions etc.

Thank you, is exactly what I mean.

You mean that this configuration need a dedicated IP for each class of service? I use your appliance virtualized behind opnsense… So the PBX have LAN IP… therefore I can assign any new Lan IP and finish?

I’m connecting the remotes LAN ip phones to the PBX using wireguard VPN link that allow access from the remote network to the PBX vps… without open any port on the firewall.

I’m on the right way?

Setting VitalPBX as multi tenant should accomplish what you’re talking about.

Unless I’m missing something in your question?..

Thank you .
Sorry but I’m not very familiar with pbx systems :slight_smile:

The multi tenant add on for VitalPBX is used if you have multiple companies that you want to host off the one VitalPBX installation.

Now, if the users you are talking about are within the same company as in 1 company, then you won’t need to use the multi tenant add on. You would just use profiles and class of service like PitzKey had mentioned.



Another question,
Could be possible to use the intercom service with a push button…I mean Like a Walkie talkie? …

For example, there are 3 external GSM calls, and 5 local sip users connected with an IP phone all together in a conference but an user can talk only when push a programmed button and when released close the mic but leave speaker open?

Is the conference instead of the intercom?

Technically possible, nothing out of the box tho.

I need to implement some custom code/script?

Pretty much… it will depend on the hardware as well.

I discovered that pressing 1 in a conference already exist the possibility to mute the microphone :slight_smile:

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