Http server not up after instalation

hello, i just did a debian minimal installation

after running the installation script

the installation was completed, but when restarting the server, the error htttp server error appears and I cannot access the pbx via browser


Try using the NET ISO provided by us!

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Even if we installes it with netinstall iso and follow the install guide provided by vitalpbx
The apache server failed to start

Any recommendations?

Are you using root privileges during the installation?

yes first login with root user

I ran the tests(on Digital Ocean) using the instructions from Github, and I got no errors during and after the installation. The Apache services started as expected.

Next, I will try installing using the ISO script.

Tested on vutltr. With Debian 11. Working just fine.

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Tested on Proxmox with NAT with Debian LXC Container: totally fine as well.
I used this: GitHub - VitalPBX/VPS: Script and resources to install VitalPBX on VPS Machines

vpbx4-0-1-amd64-netinst.iso NOT tested.

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The Netinstall iso provided is giving the issue.

What is the result? Thanks