How to set up PJsip trunk?

I have managed to get VitalPBX 3 working perfectly, using channel sip for the trunk and PJsip for the extensions.
I have now tried to get Vital PBX 4 working using the same hardware, but for two days I have failed to get the trunk to work correctly using PJsip.
The trunk is registered with the carriers (UK AQL and UK Sipgate), I can place calls outbound perfectly, on each trunk, but no incoming calls will work on either trunk, dialing in from the mobile phone shows ‘invalid number’.
I have set everything other than the trunk exactly as I have in VitalPBX 3 which works fine (inbound routes, extensions, dial patterns, outbound routes etc).

Extension to Extension works fine, I am certain it is to do with insecure=port,invite which I have in the VitalPBX3 sip trunk entry, but cannot see where to put that in the VitalPBX4 PJsip entry.

Does there exist a simple example of how PJsip trunks are configured? I have looked through the guides but cannot find anything related to VitalPBX 4.

Wonder if anyone else has had a similar issue, and found a way around it?


Please share your trunk configuration as well as a SIP trace via

asterisk -rvvvv
pjsip set logger on

Reproduce the issue, press Ctrl + C, upload to pastebin and share the link.

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