How to set parameters of an abandoned call

The abandoned call report is reporting calls where the callers are hanging up immediately. This skews the data on the abandoned report. Is there a way to set the minimum call length of the queue call before reporting as abandoned?

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We will be evaluating your request with our development team.

Please stay tuned for add-ons updates.


Is there an idea of when this might be addressed?

Under Settings - Report Settings there is a Call Wait Limit. This is not in the manual I’ve found and I am not sure if it is for the abandon report. Set at 15 and we still get abandons at 1-5 seconds. So I am not sure if this setting is working.

the setting that mentions “call wait limit” is to filter through the service level, because of that you are not getting the results you expect, we will be working to be ready as soon as possible.

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