[How-to] Monitoring with Zabbix

Hello, You will find under this link a documentation allowing to supervise your IPBX VitalPBX with Zabbix I remain with the listening of any idea of optimization.



Merci beaucoup Sebastian!

hello, you will find below a new article integrating zabbix proxy in active mode in order to monitor vitalpbx without creating a nat rule on the client’s firewall and the supervision of vitalpbx with zabbix agent2 and AMI.


If the Zabbix proxy version should match the server version, then which Zabbix template do you use? The Asterisk template I found and imported requires Zabbix server 5.4. I’ve been working to get this configured and have not had much luck.

Zabbix server: 6.0.0alpha4
Zabbix_proxy V 5.4.7-1
Vitalpbx 3.1.2-1

The templates I use are already integrated into Zabbix, I did not have to import them.

follow all the steps in my article, it should work. I integrated 6 vitalpbx server today by precisely following the steps one by one. if you have a problem do not hesitate to describe it to me more precisely.

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