How to make extension being able to pickup calls

Hi there, let me first describe how it is setup and what we would like to do.

Inbound Route > Ring Group > Calls 3 extensions
One of the extensions is not in the Ring Group (Since does not want to get calls).
This particular extensions wants to pick the call that goes to one of the extensions in the Ring Group and to see who is calling before doing so.
Is it something possible without adding this extensions to Ring Group ?
Should be Call Group used and if so what would be the correct way of implementing it ?

Create a pickupgroup in the system with all the extensions or the onces you want to be able to pickup calls.

lets say you have 7 extensions

You ring group or queue is set to ring the first three: 101,102,103

If you have your pickup group created with all your extensions, the other extensions not in the ringgroup/queue can grab a ringing call by dialing *08 from their phones to do a group pickup or do *07RINGINGEXTENSION to do a directed pickup. Both feauture codes can be set in your phones *08 as an individual key and *07 as you direct pickup code for BLF keys for extensions, so pressing the buttons would grab the calls directly if you dont want to have your users dialing the codes directly.

Hi hlev,

Thanks for the info.
That is what I thought is going to be a solution, but call pickup does not give you the ability to first see the number before picking it up , for this the user should be in that ring group, correct?

No, other extensions outside of your ringgroup/queue wouldn’t see the callerid name or number. You can use the switchboard though to monitor that and decide to grab a call or not, but that is something external to your phones.

If you have yealink phones this might help you→%20Features,is%20calling%20for%20call%20pickup.

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