How to get UK Call progress tones

Playing about with VitalPBX 3 again, I cannot figure out how I get the UK call progress tone (I think that is what they are called).
I mean the tone that an internal extension user hears when dialling out through the trunk to say a UK PSTN number.
My extensions when dialling out just get a single tone for about 1 seconds followed by about 1 second silence, the UK uses a brrr brrr type of tone for ringing out, where would I find how to change this please i’m trying to get the VitalPBX to be as close to a UK landline as is possible.

Anyone help


I think I have resolved this

After spending hours reading numerous posts on the web, I found that if I create a ‘dial profile’ and set it like this

And use this dial profile in the Trunk as the dial profile instead of ‘default’

Then I get the Brr Brr ringing sound when an extension dials out.
If I set ‘Ringing Tone’ to ‘YES’ then I get the 1 second single tone, then 1 second silence ringing tone.


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