How to find maximum concurrent calls in my call history?

I would like to know the the maximum concurrents happen in a certain period of time instead of the call capacity of the PBX system. For example, I want to know what the maximum concurrents in the CDR last week. It’s the busiest moment. So I can plan ahead how many channels I need from my service provider.

In my case, I used and they charged for $25/channel/month. I would like to know my maximum concurrent calls and maybe the second maximum concurrent calls that my clients made in the last week so I can purchase the channels accordingly. If the number of maximum simultaneous calls was five last week, I will get 5 channels from the service provider. Can I customize or set filter in CDR to find this result? Or is there any way I can find a solution?

Thank you.

Your carrier may be able to provide that type of data.

Or, you can setup a complex MySQL query. Another option would be to feed AMI events to Grafana.

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