How to configure 10-channel SIP trunk with fixed IP

How to configure, on Vitalpbx, a 10-channel SIP trunk connected to the provider via a fixed IP address?

The operator provided me with the IP for the pabx, on the second network card, with address, outgoing proxy, plus pilot number 213529XXXX, with the instruction: “When making outgoing calls, always send us the A’s number (213529XXXX) with 10 digits; if something different is sent, the call will not go through. Do not enter a password, but if the pabx requires it, simply configure the pilot number 213529XXXX as login.”

I put the proxy IP in the Remote Host field, Local Username the pilot number 213529XXXX, in Match the network (without this I won’t receive calls). In Pbx Report > Pjsip Endpoints > Trunks, the value sip:213529XXXX@ appears as connected.

What else do I need to configure, as I can’t make outgoing calls, only receive them? The company providing the service carried out tests on the client with the MicroSip application, and everything works well.

I thank the attention.

PS: I created the route on Linux for the gateway, as requested by the service provider.

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