How to add yealink setting to a provisioning template

Yealink has a feature where we can add force.voice.ring_vol = to the phone template to control the ringer volume. Can anyone advise where I can add this to a template in the new provisioning settings?

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Are you using the Phone Provisiong add-on? or the EPM add-on?

I am using the Phone Provisioning add-on

You can add any custom parameter in the Template module under the custom tab.

I see the custom tab and but I am not sure where inside the custom area and in what format. The config info doesn’t appear in the format of force.voice.ring_vol =

You should get the format from the Yealink documentation.

What do they recommend?

What phone model are you provisioning?

You can find that parameter in the call configuration section in the provision file, the parameter takes an integer value from 0 to 15.

You can find detailed documentation on this link

These models support that feature T57W,T54W,T53W,T53,T53C,T48U,T46U,T43U,T42U,T48S,T46S,T42S,T41S,T33P,T33G,T31P,T31G,T31,T30P,T30,T27G and CP920

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Sorry for the slow response. Thank you very much.

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