How can we enable in tcp instead of udp in openvpn addon?

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I have enabled the OpenVPN add-on and generated a client but found it is created with udp protocol and I need to enable it with tcp.
is there ability to change it to work on protocol tcp only?
if yes, Could you please share the steps to do so?

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Just make sure that the device is in a profile that supports TCP. Then, make sure the endpoint initiates the request using TCP.

(The default PJSIP device profile supports TCP)

Dear PitzKey,
Please ready the body of the message slowly to notice i mean thr openvpn addon protocol not the pjsip protocol. If you tried to use or test it you will surprised that it work with just udp protocol and no obvious option to switch to tcp protocol while installing the addon or enabling the openvpn server.
I hope you check it as that is necessarily and would be great to be done from vitalpbx instead of using another service outside vitalpbx (PS. the openvpn is not a free addon on vitalpbx)

What happens when you set the transport on the endpoint to TCP? Do you see the REGISTER/INVITE reaching the PBX?

Dear PitzKey,

Thanks for your caring but you are replying on a whole different thing. Openvpn is a vpn application that enables you to connect 2 sites or networks in a virtual lan despite for sip or any other work field to secured data and enable some services to run if the ISP blocks a specific service and to secure your connections. The openvpn operates in two mode tun and tap besides it supports to work with tcp or udp transport protocols.
By the way vitalpbx provides an Openvpn addon in the add-ons under the afmin tap in case you want to try it but this is a paid addon.
I am trying to connect an ata gateway to run through a vpn connection and tried the normal setting and discovered that it works with udp by default ( i am talking about networking connection matter and didn’t move to sip trunking yet) but the ISPs blocks openvpn udp connections and i need to see how to enable the tcp connection in the openvpn addon. I hope you got my point and till now i didn’t reach or refer to sip-trunking yet and I don’t need to talk about it. My main point is the subject of this post.
I hope i have clarified it to you so you or any of our fourm mates can help with their experiences or even vitalpbx support members with this addon.

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Whos is talking about SIP Trunking here?

Please login into the ATA and change the transport to TCP. Do you see the REGISTER request being sent to the PBX?