How can I set my email's from name?

It looks like you used to be able to set it from the PBX’s web interface Email Settings – VitalPBX Wiki but I don’t see the option anymore in VitalPBX 4. Do I have to configure it with postfix via the CLI? I want it to be set universally so any email from that email has the name I set attached. I am sending from my external mail server.

Thank you.

The setting is still there, ADMIN->SYSTEM->EMAIL SETTINGS if you want to manually reach it or just search for email settings and you get the shortcut as well.


That’s the from address. I want to change the from name which defaults to VitalPBX when an email is sent. The templates let you set it to something different but I’m not using one of the templates for the emails that are being sent.

Name username@domain.tld

Name is the from name and is what I want to change, from address is the email. In the link in my original post you’ll see there used to be a from name field and from address was called from email. Is there no longer a way to change it from defaulting to VitalPBX to something else (built into the web interface)?

The link you have is for Sonata Stats, if you are not going to be using the templates provided by the PBX to send emails then you will certainly have to set whatever you are using to send emails to set the From Name to what you need.

You’re absolutely right, the mobile version of the wiki doesn’t show the sidebar and I found that on google on my phone and didn’t realize what it was for. My bad, I should’ve checked. I used Postfix manual - header_checks(5) to change it myself to the name I want.